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ReflexologyComplementary services

  • All consultations and treatments are on a strictly confidential basis.
  • All timings include consultation, treatment and changing times


Foot in the sandReflexology uses pressure points on the feet in order to balance the whole body.  The benefits are numerous and especially effective for the relief of pain (back pain, headaches and toothache), digestive disorders, hay fever, asthma, diabetes, stress, anxiety, depression, sinus,  eczema, psoriasis, balance problems, tinnitus, arthritis, epilepsy, menopause, PMT, Infertility and much more…

Holistic/Sports Massage/Tuina (deep tissue) aids joint mobility, relieves aches and pains, removes muscle tension, improves muscle tone, increases circulation, drains toxins, increases desquamation stones(removal of dead skin cells), aids removal of adipose tissue (fatty tissue/cellulite), stress, depression, fatigue, insomnia , jet lag and much more….

Indian Head massageIndian Head Massage includes upper back, shoulders, neck, upper arms, head and face and is especially effective for the relief of migraines, sinus, stress, muscle tension, fatigue, insomnia and much more…

Treatment Price Guide


30 minutes   €18
  45 minutes   €24
  1 hour   €30
  1 ½ hours   €40


45 min   €24

Reflexology + Massage  Mix

1hr 15 min   €36
  (30 min massage)
  1hr 45 min   €45
  (1 hour massage)

Indian Head Massage

30 min   €18