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Your Instructors

From time to time we may use different instructors should our resident instructor not be available. This will be clearly noted on our Courses page. we will provide details of all instructors on this page.

Erinbell Fanore

Erinbell Fanore

I was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. At 18, I left my nest to study theatre in Toronto. With a
bachelors of Fine Arts in my pocket and a zest to discover more about the world, I flew across the
Atlantic. Life and its wonders welcomed me and I have been on the move discovering new cultures and
lifestyles ever since.

I’ve taught Drama in Paris, English in Japan, and Philosophy in Germany. I’ve studied Kathak dance in
India, completed a master in Theatre in Ireland, and immersed myself in the world of teaching yoga on
Gozo, Malta.

Yoga as lifestyle

I have been practicing yoga since 1996. I fell in love with yoga: with standing still and sweating, with not moving but moving, with needing nothing but my body, mind, breath, with becoming more and more and always more aware of myself and of life. I was first attracted to the physical side of yoga and how through the asana practice my busy mind and heart found peace and stillness (even if that peace and stillness didn’t last long at first). With time, as my practice evolves and deepens, I find myself more and more drawn to the way of yoga, to yoga as a lifestyle, to the simplicity and beauty of its philosophy and to making a commitment to myself to living yoga.

In 2007, I became a certified yoga teacher training with Dave Curtis in Cork, Ireland. I am certified by the Yoga Alliance. My training concentrated on teaching safe, well rounded classes firmly grounded in the principles of yoga. There was a lot of detail and focus given to alignment while flowing with the breath.

After completing the course, I moved to Gozo, Malta where I began teaching yoga full time. I took my sixteen years of teaching experience and applied it to yoga. I felt immediately at home as a yoga teacher. I taught and hosted week long yoga holidays (for Yogatraveller). I also built up a faithful local cliental whom I taught privately and in small groups.

For feedback and testimonials from my students click here.

My classes

My classes vary from relaxing and restorative yoga through still but challenging Yin classes to dynamic flowing Hatha class. I take into account the abilities and levels of my students and aim to create classes that both support and challenge them.

In all my classes, I encourage and instruct my students to find the integrity, beauty, and strength of Tadasana (Mountain Pose) not only on the mat in all the asanas but also off the mat (where perhaps it counts most). I bring in the philosophy of yoga, the Yamas and Niyamas, through thoughts and readings.

I also integrate Somatics exercises, very gentle movements that help retrain the body/mind to relax and release chronically contracted muscles, into all my classes. I find they help tune the mind to a deeper more subtle level in the body.

The Fanores

I met Tom in 2000 in Ireland and have hardly left his side since. We have two smily kids.

My daughter’s handless downward facing dog or my sons horizontal tree pose are a source of joy and inspiration. Life with the Fanores is non-stop but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Text courtesy of Erinbell Fanore